Jade Springs Dit Da Jow Spray 4 oz

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Jade Springs Dit Da Jow Spray 4 oz



Dit Da Jow is applied to the affected area by had, cotton ball, or spray bottle, which ever method is most appropriate. Generally apply Dit Da Jow per the following rate: Apply then allow to dry, repeat this two more times. This is considered 1 complete application. Perform 3 applications per day for best results. Apply for minimum of 3 days. This is the 3x3x3 Application Process.

Sore Joints and Muscles: Dit Da Jow can be applied to sore and/or arthritic joints and muscles. Massage or rub Dit Da Jow into the affected area and stoke towards the heart. Use the 3x3x3 method. For extra treatment apply Sen Jow Balm after each application. For increased penetration work the Jows into the affected area and adjacent areas applying moderate to hevy pressure. For increased penetration warm the affected sore muscle,bruise, or joint with hot moist heat until area is redden then apply Dit Da Jow followed by Sen Jow.

Sores and Bruises: Use the 3x3x3 application process. The 25% alcohol content of Dit Da Jow will casue a distinct sting shortly after application on open cuts or sores.

Minor Burns and Sun Burns: Spray or soak the affected area with Dit Da Jow. Usually the "HEAT" feeling or pain of the burn will dissipate. If you stop applying Dat Da Jow and the "Heat" returns, repeat the soaking process. Usually the pain will dissipate to your satisfaction after several applications depending on the severity of the burn.

Tired Feeling Feet and Legs: Dit Da Jow can be applied to tired feeling feet and legs of children and people who stand on their feet all day. Rub Dit Da Jow into feet and legs to thighs in long strokes upwards towards the heart. Repeat two times.