Board: Rebreakable Brick

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Board: Rebreakable Brick

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This Rebreakable Brick is a genius martial arts training tool and solution to breaking bricks. The plastic construction reduces “brick burn" on the hands, which will enable your karate students to practice their striking for even longer. This Rebreakable Brick will save you money by being able to practice your karate striking technique on one brick rather than numerous bricks. This Rebreakable Brick has changed the face of brick breaking. The Rebreakable Brick is offered in yellow, blue, and red. Perfect your karate strikes as many times as you want with just one Rebreakable Brick!

  • Perfect for demonstrations and promotional tests

  • Provides consistent measure for judging

  • Great way to measure ones progress

  • Realistic sounds

  • Approx. 8" in length