Yuet Ying Dan Do - Moon Shadow Saber DVD

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Yuet Ying Dan Do - Moon Shadow Saber DVD



The saber or "Do" is one of the most common and widely utilized weapons. Yet, within this common weapon lies great diversity. The saber can be classified into many categories; long halberds, single sabers, double sabers, broadswords, dragger's and double knives. The use of each of these particular knives is different and unique.

The saber possesses the ability to defend against attacks by utilizing the dull backside of the blade to slap, deflect, redirect, and trap an on - coming attack. This weapon is one for the most versatile within the arsenal of Kung Fu. Training with the saber will give the students an added dimension to their overall practice. The movements are swift, graceful and flowing. Daily practice with this weapon will develop great hand eye coordination.