Karate Basics

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Karate Basics



In Karate Basics, readers will learn:

* The origination of Karate—the philosophy, history, and different branches of the martial art
* What happens in a Karate class—taking readers through their first class and explaining the gear and clothing used in Karate training
* The basic elements of the style—stances, blocks, thrusts and strikes, punches, and kicks
* Sparring drills and kata to help students understand and apply the basics to their practice
* How to progress in Karate—creating a training program, testing for belt promotion, and an overview of competitions and tournaments
* A comprehensive list of resources helps students further develop their knowledge of and training in karate

The Martial Arts Basics series provides a complete introduction to the martial arts. All of the books in the series are meant to coach beginning students through their first six months of practice—and beyond. These books allow students to gain a complete understanding of the art form from the very beginning—helping them progress faster and with a clearer vision of purpose.