Tactical Handsignals DVD

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Tactical Handsignals DVD



Taught by Sgt. Jim Wagner creator, of the Reality Based Personal Protection system. Also a police officer with over 13 years experience in SWAT, Corrections, Special Forces, Military and has taught 100’s of police courses world wide including Brazil, Argentina, Israel, FBI and CIA.
This VHS/DVD , the first of its kind, compiles the most commonly used hand signals by law enforcement, corrections,probabtion and military special operations teams worldwide.

Whether your on a SWAT team, HRT, SRT, Gang Unit, or a patrol officier on the beat, these hand signals wil give you the tactical advantage in situations that require stealth or inoperations where verbal communication are difficult, if not impossible- such as in a fire fight, in a factory, or on a gas or oil platform (GOPLAT) where the machinery noise can be deafening.