Martial Arts Uniforms

  1. Bushido 14 oz Brushed Cotton Heavyweight Uniform

    Karate Uniform: Brushed Cotton Heavyweight 14 oz


    Brushed Cotton Karate Uniforms are seen as one of the more traditional karate uniforms. Bushido’s Brushed Cotton Uniform jacket stem and stitching provides a substantial amount of strength, with reinforced vents to help aid in its durability and longevity. This karate uniform has a high range of motion to help allow maximum mobility in self-defense, sparring, and any form of martial arts competition.

    • Traditional cut
    • Heavyweight 100% cotton (14 oz.)
    • Drawstring Pants
    • Perfect for student or instructor
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  2. Jiu Jitsu Uniform: Black

    Jiu Jitsu Uniform


    Jiu Jitsu, or Jiu-jitsu, is a Japanese martial art and the method of close combat. With its focus on grappling, Liberty’s Jiu Jitsu uniform combines strength and durability with super lightweight material. Liberty’s Jiu Jitsu uniform comes in sizes M1-M3, Junior, and A1-A6, as well as in colors White, Blue and Black. Wear your Jiu jitsu uniform proudly and do it justice.

    • Jiu Jitsu Kimono
    • Thick collar 
    • Strong lightweight single weave
    • Traditional Competition BJJ Cut
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  3. Shureido Heavyweight Uniform

    Karate Uniform: Shureido Heavyweight Uniform

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    Shureido karate gis are designed with Tradition in mind and derived from the highest quality materials. The utmost care and precision goes into every stitch for every karate uniform, or karate gi. Shureido karate gis provide extremely high quality with the consumer’s best interest in mind. This Shureido heavyweight uniform is for the karate student that enjoys the feel of a heavy duty gi while they are in the dojo. Learn More
  4. Tokaido Heavyweight Uniform

    Karate Uniform:Tokaido Heavyweight Uniform


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    Like a builder needs his tools, a competitive martial artist needs quality martial arts equipment. A disciplined and determined martial artist needs to wear a heavyweight karate uniform that allows for a wide range of motion and quality karate gi fit. Tokaido is a leader in the karate uniforms that will make for a good snap when the right karate move is made. This Tokaido karate uniform is available in sizes 3-7 in white and black. To be the best you need to train in the best. Learn More