1. edged

    Edged Weapons Defense DVD

    Taught by Sgt. Jim Wagner creator, of the Reality Based Personal Protection system. Also a police officer with over 13 years experience in SWAT, Corrections, Special Forces, Military and has taught 100’s of police courses world wide including Brazil, Argentina, Israel, FBI and CIA. This video will teach you step by step everything you ever wanted to know about combat with a knife, and other edged weapons Learn More
  2. Kamas For Competition Vol.1 DVD

    Kamas For Competition Vol.1 DVD

    National and regional martial arts champion and National Team Head Coach, Roland Osborne, teaches the basic fundamentals of using kamas. Begin with 10 sets to practice along with and then a complete form to compete with. The form is used by many of champion students and is proven to be a success on the championship circuit. Vol. 1: Kamas Perfect for beginners to high intermediate levels. Learn More
  3. Cane Masters

    Cane Masters: Street Techniques: Part 2 DVD

    This is the next video in the Street Techniques series produced by Master Guy "Ziggy" De Ro our partner, founder of Cane Fighters International and Canemaster in Belgium. Learn More
  4. Cane Masters Street Techniques

    Cane Masters: Street Techniques DVD

    We have combined a variety of blocks and counters introduced in our other instructional videos into a series of techniques designed for self-defense in a true street situation. Learn More