1. Cane-Fu Istructional Series: Advanced Techniques

    Cane-Fu Istructional Series: Advanced Techniques

    Cane-Fu Istructional Series: Advanced Techniques Learn More
  2. Ultimate Heavy Bag Workout DVD

    Ultimate Heavy Bag Workout DVD

    This DVD is a must for any martial artist to perfect his techniques and training. But also a non-martial artist can learn and us the basic techniques from this DVD for his own successful training at home. Here are the main Benefits from practicing Ti Ji Nae Bu Forms: Basic Techniques in Boxing and Kickboxing for a successful Boxing Bag Workout. Offensive and defensive techniques from A-Z in the world of martial arts. These techniques have helped many champions to win world championships and become famous. Bernie Willems, German and European kickboxing champion trained more than 250 hours with many legendary world kickboxing champions. His knowledge is based on more than 32 years of experience as an active kick boxer and successful instructor. Learn More
  3. King of the Cage: Unfinished Business DVD

    King of the Cage: Unfinished Business DVD

    The Main Event of mixed martial atrs is here! Featuring only professional, elite fighters from around the globe, King of the Cage is a competitive event pitting warrior against warrior in hand-to-hand battles of skill, honor and art. From big knockouts to technical submissions, this is a fight lovers dream: Boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Wrestling - KOTC has it all. Learn More
  4. Strength and Hypertrophy DVD

    Strength and Hypertrophy DVD

    We combine core strength training elements and functional strength training moves to improve your body's total fitness. This training is critical for anyone who wants to perform at their best while remaining injury free. In this DVD we will use kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine balls, stability balls, and even sledge hammers to strengthen your entire muscular structure. These advanced workout techniques involve using all 3 ranges of human motion - Forward, Lateral and Rotational. The workout will activate more muscle, burn calories and condition the entire body faster! Bonus Feature: Sandbag Seven Workout DVD Running Time: 46 minutes Learn More
  5. Okinawaa Strengthening World Peace DVD

    Okinawaa Strengthening World Peace DVD

    In this video we offer you the chance to learn the techniques from the purest combat without rules, presented by a young but expert fighter. All the punches and their defenses, grappling techniques, throws, floor techniques, escapes, sparring, and anti-grappling techniques. Manuel Angel teaches you how to train and prepare a fighter for this type of combat. Learn More
  6. UFC Hits Vol.2 DVD

    UFC Hits Vol.2 DVD

    The Ultimate Fighting Championship is the major league of the tough man fighting competitions. These bare knuckled, no holds barred fights are more brutal than boxing and more real than professional wrestling. UFC Hits: Vol. 2 highlights several of the Ultimate Fighting Championships greatest and most notorious fights. Volume two highlights matches between Pedro Rizzo and Tank Abbot, Tito Ortiz and Jerry Bohlander, and Steve Judson and Brad Kohler. Learn More
  7. Tournament of Pros DVD

    Tournament of Pros DVD

    The 1st disc is the Tournament of Pros tournament which took place on April 15, 2006. It was a no-time-limit, invitation only, tournament. There were 2, 8-man weight brackets. Heavy weights and light weights. The fighters included Rani Yahya (Rickson Gracie), Dale Frank (Caique), Steve Magdaleno (Caique), Robert Braslin, Takumi Nakayama (Paraestra), Adrian Nasal, Dylan Spicer, Brendt Stuchlik (Fabio Santos), Greg McIntyre (Dean Lister), Jared Rollins (Franco DeCarmago), James Wilks (Paul Vunak), Givanildo Santana (Lotus), Asa Fuller (Cleber Luciano) & Nate Diaz (Cesar Gracie). There were also 2 superfights: Rani Yahya (Rickson Gracie) vs. Gilbert Melendez (Fairtex) and Jeff Glover (Franginha) vs. Naoya Uematsu (Shooto). The 2nd disc is the never-before-released 2004 Choked Out Surfer (Randy Bloom) Surf/BJJ Camp. The 2004 camp was a 1 day event that featured techniques taught by Rodrigo Medeiros, Rey Diogo, Joe Moreira, Randy Bloom and Ricardo "Hellraiser" Texeira. Learn More
  8. Unleash the Champion Enforcer Within Vol. 1&2 (2 Disc Set) DVD

    Unleash the Champion Enforcer Within Vol. 1&2 (2 Disc Set) DVD

    DVD 1 introduces the importance of using a marking blade to measure and improve skill sets, and provides a solid foundation of basic attack angles against defensive techniques and body zoning, while exposing and reinforcing the danger and severity of a committed edged weapon attack. Volume 2 builds on the starting foundation of attack angles and body zoning introduced in Volume 1, and extends to the coverage of generating "right now power" through counter strikes, neutralization techniques, limb capturing, and the necessity for the positive mental spirit and attitude needed to successfully control and minimize damage from a committed edged weapon attacker. A must have for any law enforcement, military, or private security professional. Learn More
  9. Cardio Capoeira: Brazilian Self Defense & Fitness DVD

    Cardio Capoeira: Brazilian Self Defense & Fitness DVD

    Learn this great self defence art of the Brazilian slaves from the early 1800’s. Cardio Capoeira is sometimes referered to "Flashdance" workout, as it not only will get you " fighting fit " , but you will have a great time doing it. This workout is aimed at those who want to get inn the best shape of their lives and look like the men and women of Copacabana Beach. One of the greart things about Cardio Capoeira is the sensational and energetic Capoeira music. You will love it!!! So put on your workout gear and have some fun while learning Brazil’s only true martial art. Approx 60 minutes. Learn More
  10. UFC Ultimate Knockouts V.4

    UFC Ultimate Knockouts V.4

    The fourth installment in the "Ultimate Knockouts" series brings even more hard-hitting action. Picking up right where "Ultimate Knockouts 3" left off, "Ultimate Knockouts 4" features all the best knockouts from 2004-2005. Includes UFC superstars Chuck Liddell, Andrie Arlovski, Georges St. Pierre, Dave Terrell, Nick Diaz and many more!. Learn More
  11. Pride FC  Inferno DVD

    Pride FC Inferno DVD

    The World's Premiere Mixed Martial Arts Contest From theiOsaka Castle Halliin Japan A legendary event in Japan, Pride Fighting matches the world's elite fighters in competitions of honor and art. Imagine Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner versus Kick boxer, Judo specialist versus Wrestler...this is Pride Fighting. Each match is the culmination of years of training by these athletes, the finest representatives of their martial art who not only compete for victory, but also to defend their fighting style! From big-time knockouts to punishing submissions, you don't want to miss the drama, spectacle and excitement of Pride Fighting! Fight Card: Mirko "Cro Cop: Filipovic (Croatia) vs. Ron "H20" Waterman (USA) Heath Herring (USA) vs. "Big" Gan McGee (USA) Mark Kerr (USA) vs. Yoshihisa Yamamoto (Japan) Sergei Kharitonov (Russia) vs. Cory "L.A. Giant" Peterson (USA) Igor Vovchanchyn (Ukraine) vs. Dan "The Bull" Bobish (USA) Murilo "Ninja" Rua (Brazil) vs. Alexander Otsuka (Japan) Kazuhiro Nakamura (Japan) vs. Dos Caras Jr. (Mexico) Learn More
  12. Day of the Zen: Mario Sperry & the Brazilian Top Team DVD

    Day of the Zen: Mario Sperry & the Brazilian Top Team DVD

    "Day of the Zen" is the behind the scenes documentary that fans and student of Mixed Martial Arts have been waiting for! For the first time ever, cameras were allowed inside the gyms, workouts, training sessions and private life of Mario Sperry and the Brazilian Top Team. Filmed on location in Brazil, this full length film follows Mario for one full day, through his amazing training regiment that has led him to become one of the most successful mixed martial arts fighters in history. Learn More