Health & Fitness DVD's

  1. Beginning Yoga DVD

    Beginning Yoga DVD

    This incredible 45-minute workout takes you through breathing exercises that massage your inner organs and keeps your chi flowing, then shows you 4 different sun salutations. Learn and do them all. Learn More
  2. Ultimate Heavy Bag Workout DVD

    Ultimate Heavy Bag Workout DVD

    This DVD is a must for any martial artist to perfect his techniques and training. But also a non-martial artist can learn and us the basic techniques from this DVD for his own successful training at home. Here are the main Benefits from practicing Ti Ji Nae Bu Forms: Basic Techniques in Boxing and Kickboxing for a successful Boxing Bag Workout. Offensive and defensive techniques from A-Z in the world of martial arts. These techniques have helped many champions to win world championships and become famous. Bernie Willems, German and European kickboxing champion trained more than 250 hours with many legendary world kickboxing champions. His knowledge is based on more than 32 years of experience as an active kick boxer and successful instructor. Learn More
  3. Gas in the Tank DVD

    Gas in the Tank DVD

    Gas in the Tank DVD Learn More