1. American masters

    American Masters & Champions of the Martial Arts DVD

    American Masters & Champions of the Martial Arts DVD Learn More
  2. Okinawaa Strengthening World Peace DVD

    Okinawaa Strengthening World Peace DVD

    In this video we offer you the chance to learn the techniques from the purest combat without rules, presented by a young but expert fighter. All the punches and their defenses, grappling techniques, throws, floor techniques, escapes, sparring, and anti-grappling techniques. Manuel Angel teaches you how to train and prepare a fighter for this type of combat. Learn More
  3. Bang Full Force Fighting Secrets DVD

    Bang Full Force Fighting Secrets DVD


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    Mixed Martial Artist, Duane Bang Ludwig has been a dominant force on the professional fight circuit for years. He's been called, "the most fearsome Muay Thai machine" for his strong hold over the North American kickboxing scene. With over 35 professional wins in such organizations as American K-1 Max World Grand Prix and Ring Of Fire, he exploded onto K-1's 154 pound limit tournament circuit during its inception year in 2002 and reeled off four wins in his first six K-1 starts. He won the International Sport Karate Association (ISKA) World Junior Middleweight Muay Thai crown in a mega-fight with Thailand's Malapaiet Sitprapom and is a member of UFC, UCC and KOTC. Five volume titles to choose from. Available in both VHS and DVD. Volume 1: Basic Strikes Proper hand wrapping, basic punches, hooks/uppercuts, body attacks, applying strikes, body punches, basic hand combos, body combos. Approx. 40 min. #189271 Volume 2: Stretching/Basic Kicks & Knees Learn stretching/warm up, kicks & knees, basic front kicks, basic high round kick, low kick basics, basics of the clinch. Approx. 45 min. #189272 Volume 3: Advanced Hands Advanced punching techniques, body counters, attacking the body, combo drills, attacking with numbers, tips & suggestions. Approx. 45 min. #189273 Volume 4: Advanced Kicks & Knees Evading & blocking front kicks, countering kicks, using front kicks to counter, checking blocks, countering hands with knees/clinching. Approx. 56 min. #189274 Volume 5: Pad Drills Fight training conditioning drills, countering, one for one drill, two for two drill, the holland drill, boxing/body counters drill, numbers, rhythm drill and wrap up. Approx. 40 min. #189275 Learn More
  4. UFC Hits Vol.2 DVD

    UFC Hits Vol.2 DVD

    The Ultimate Fighting Championship is the major league of the tough man fighting competitions. These bare knuckled, no holds barred fights are more brutal than boxing and more real than professional wrestling. UFC Hits: Vol. 2 highlights several of the Ultimate Fighting Championships greatest and most notorious fights. Volume two highlights matches between Pedro Rizzo and Tank Abbot, Tito Ortiz and Jerry Bohlander, and Steve Judson and Brad Kohler. Learn More
  5. Joe Lewis Fighting Systems: What Bruce Lee Taught Me #16 DVD

    Joe Lewis Fighting Systems: What Bruce Lee Taught Me #16 DVD

    Practical Jeet Kune Do Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do will forever be some of the best tactics ever known to combat. On this DVD you will learn the best weapons from the Jeet Kune Do style. While Joe Lewis was training with Bruce Lee he fought the first full contact match ever held in the western hemisphere. That classic battle between Greg Baines and Joe Lewis showcased the skills Lee was teaching Lewis at the tape and the entire fight is on this amazing tape! Add this DVD to your collection so you'll have a record of the birth of kickboxing in North America and Lewis's devastating application of Jeet Kune Do in the ring. This is the perfect companion DVD to the Joe Lewis book, The World's Greatest Fighter Teaches You: How to Master Bruce Lee's Fighting System. Learn More
  6. King of the Cage: Combat Collection DVD

    King of the Cage: Combat Collection DVD

    The KING OF THE CAGE series captures some of the most amazing battles ever seen in the field of mixed martial arts, an extreme sport that combines elements of boxing, wrestling, karate, muay thai, jiujitsu, and tae kwon do into a no-holds-barred style of fighting. This collection presents five different KOTC events--EXECUTION DAY, REDEMPTION, RAPID FIRE, PREDATOR, and ALL STARS--for 60 bouts of hand-to-hand combat featuring top-rated fighters like Takumi Nakayama, Mac Danzig, Urijah Faber, and Shonie Carter. Learn More
  7. King of the Cage: The Evolution of Combat DVD

    King of the Cage: The Evolution of Combat DVD

    Mixed Martial Arts fighters from around the globe meet up to pit warrior against warrior in such styles as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to boxing to wrestling to Muay Thai. Includes such superstars as Ricco Rodriguez, Daijiro Matsui, Antonio McKee, Fabiano and Marvin Eastman. 5 Disc Box Set Learn More