Ankle / Knee / Elbow

  1. Shin Guard: Bushido Cloth Shin Instep Guard

    Shin Guard: Bushido Cloth Shin Instep Guard

    These Cloth Shin/ Instep guards are made from lightweight, high-density foam with machine washable cloth and extended instep to protect the top of the foot. This Cloth shin/instep guard covers the shin area from above the ankle to the top of the shin, as well as the top of the foot which provides excellent coverage without weighing you down. This tool is perfect for younger karate students, as well as injured individuals or anyone who wants to protect the shin/instep area. The Cloth shin/instep guard is offered in sizes child through extra Large.
    • 1/2" thick foam padding
    • Constructed of a durable and comfortable cloth
    • Non-slip fit
    • Keeps shape through repeated washings
    • Sold as a pair
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  2. Liberty Ankle Support

    Ankle Support: Slip-on Ankle Wrap Compression


    Slip-on ankle wraps that have been engineered to only stretch vertically, this helps in preventing someone from rolling their ankle. The added friction from wearing ankle wraps is also helpful in keeping closed guard and other positions in MMA, jiu jitsu and regular grappling where sweat may have otherwise weakened your grip. Manufactured in two sizes which should accommodate most fighters.

    • Sold in pairs
    • Color - Black/ White
    • Available in Large and Regular 
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