1. Mouthguard Case

    Mouthguard Case

    These colorful mouthguard cases are an excellent way to keep your mouth guards clean and safe. Their vibrant colors are easy to spot in a karate or tae kwon do duffel bag, making it easy to grab during the rush before sparring. Durable plastic and easy to wash. Learn More
  2. Mouth Guard

    Mouth Guard


    These soft, comfortable mouthguards provide great protection for your entire head. Not only do they protect your teeth, these mouthguards also absorb some of the energy taken in when punched. They are easy to fit to your mouth with a little hot water and some scissors and will last for a very long time. Fit perfectly in our Bushido mouthguard cases.

    • Comfortable fit
    • Easy fit
    • Colors may vary
    • Available in Adult and Child sizes
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  3. Mouthpiece: Brain Pad Pro Plus Mouth Guard

    Mouthpiece: Brain Pad Pro Plus Mouth Guard

    • Helps reduce jaw impact concussions
    • Offers constant breathing even while clenching
    • Will help to cover and protect upper and lower braces
    • A must for all who compete in MMA, Karate, Taekwondo, jiu jitsu....
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  4. Mouthpiece: Brainpad 3XS Mouthguard

    Mouthpiece: Brainpad 3XS Mouthguard

    • Dual arch, triple thermoplastic offers excellent clenching-feedback 
    • Advanced High Impact Gel-pad Inserts manage and absorb Impact Forces 
    • Tapered Channel Ends remove need to trim during fitting process - Very Comfortable 
    • Augmented wrap-around bumper extends along channels to give extra lateral support 
    • Fits over top and bottom braces 
    • New vented, Snap-tight large case
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