Mouthpiece: Brain Pad Pro Plus Mouth Guard

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Mouthpiece: Brain Pad Pro Plus Mouth Guard

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  • Helps reduce jaw impact concussions

  • Offers constant breathing even while clenching

  • Will help to cover and protect upper and lower braces

  • A must for all who compete in MMA, Karate, Taekwondo, jiu jitsu....

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PRO + PLUS: Adult size, Strap/non-Strap Protective, Performance mouth guard!. New cutting edge design augments protective and performancee-enhancing qualities with smooth curves for a great comfortable fit Favored by football and rugby players and heavy hitters in most team sports.• Dual thermoplastic design • Secures and cushions the jaw creating a brain safety space at the TMJ • Reduces risk of concussion and Internal Head Injuries from lower jaw impacts. • AeroFlowClench & Breathetechnology enhances breathing and endurance • Designed for maximum protection and comfort. • Fits over braces • Has been tested and proven to reduces forces up to 40% from lower jaw impacts • Protects upper and lower teeth, lips, & tongue • Can be worn with or without strap • Includes hard shell anti-microbial storage case • Aligns jaw to allow muscles to work at 100% increasing strength (M.O.R.A. Effect) • 30 second custom fitting instructions inside Backed by: FREE $12,000 DENTAL WARRANTY