Belt: Student Grade Karate Belts Taekwondo Belt

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Belt: Student Grade Karate Belts Taekwondo Belt

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Offered in 8 different colors and sizes 0-7, this Student Grade karate belt is the first step in your journey as a martial arts student. As karate students pass through the ranks, they take grading examinations and are awarded with different colored karate belts. The color order and which colors are used vary from school to school, as does the relationship between karate belt color and rank (= Kyu), however the number/rank will always start at 10 an end at 1. Look no further, get all of your student grade karate belts right here at Shop Bushido.

  • 100% cotton

  • 1-1/4" wide

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Belt systems in the martial arts are used to show which students have been trained longer and who has more skill when compared to other students. The concept behind being awarded belts is to give students a physical representation of how they are progressing with their training. Belt ranking systems are a Western concept, although there are some myths about early martial artists starting with a white belt that they didn't wash, one reason why the belts tend to get darker as you progress.

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