1. Liberty Sport Training Curved Punch Mitts

    Liberty Sport Training Curved Punch Mitts

    Designed for partner training, our mitts feature a curved punching surface and hand slots for a solid grip. Made of impact resistant foam and polyurethane covering. Sold in pairs. • Designed for partner training • Curved Structure • Hand slots for solid grip • Made of durable polyurethane • Sold in pairs • Imported Learn More
  2. Liberty Sport Training Thai Pads

    Liberty Sport Training Thai Pads


    • Designed for partner training

    • Reinforced handle and hook & loop closure

    • Lightweight, high-density foam padding

    • Durable polyurethane coating

    • Sold as a pair

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  3. Focus Mitt: Curved Leather Striking Focus Mitt

    Focus Mitt: Curved Leather Striking Focus Mitt


    Liberty’s Curved Focus Mitts are designed to help you train your focus and concentration for your every strike. These curved mitts are naturally contoured to the hand to help aid in fast action striking without compromising comfort. Liberty’s focus mitts are usually worn two at a time to help provide martial arts and boxing students with combination punch training. The Liberty Curved Focus mitts are available in 4 different colors; Black/Grey, Black/Yellow, Black/Red, Black/Blue. Train like a professional mixed martial artist with Liberty’s curved focus mitts!

    • Extra thick protection
    • Softer edges
    • Naturally curved
    • Comfortable hand compartment
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  4. Focus Mitts: Vinyl with Leather Hand Striking Target
  5. Hand-made in the USA
  6. Durable vinyl outer with leather hand insert
  7. Multi-layer foam inner for maximum stability and force absorption
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  • Striking Target: Square Hand Target 11" x 9" x 3"

    Striking Target: Square Hand Target 11" x 9" x 3"


    The Square Hand Target is the perfect mixed martial arts training tool for martial artists and boxers alike. This Square Hand Target is reliable, durable, and safe for all skill levels to perfect your strike. This hand target is lightweight and has the hand loop and Velcro closure in the back for comfort and stability. Its dimensions are 9” X 11” x 4”. This is an essential piece of martial arts training equipment that can also cross over for boxing, kung Fu, judo, jiu jitsu and taekwondo training.

    • vinyl covering over compressed foam inner layer
    • strap handle system assures a comfortable, secure fit
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  • Karate Blocker: Vinyl Blocker

    Karate Blocker: Vinyl Blocker

    These ultra-light foam blocker pads are a very popular martial arts tool in teaching many forms of karate technique. The Vinyl Blocker will assist you with training karate and martial arts students of all different ages and levels. These blockers will help in teaching how to block, punch, and kick without harm. These are ideal for perfecting your karate strikes and blocks and will help take you to the next level of martial arts. Learn More
  • Liberty Pro Kick Target

    Liberty Pro Kick Target

    Liberty’s Kick Target is a lightweight martial arts tool with foam padding and a heavy duty shell. This kicking target is designed to be struck in a horizontal direction, and is an excellent training tool for all martial arts skill levels, perfect for speed and accuracy target drills. Liberty’s Kick Target has the patented Liberty design in the center of the pad to help train the eye for a proper target striking position.
    • Ideal design for practicing high and low kicks
    • vinyl over high density foam
    • Elastic wristband ensures a strong, firm hold for all kinds of kicks and strikes
    • Specially designed to make it easier for the holder to control
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  • Liberty Sport Training Double Target

    Liberty Sport Training Double Target

    • Designed for practicing kicks and punches • Long-lasting polyurethane construction • Soft foam padding • Elastic handle for target control Learn More
  • Liberty Small Red Foam Kick Shield

    Liberty Small Red Foam Kick Shield

    The Liberty Small Red Foam Kick Shield is the perfect lightweight option for training, weighing in at only 1.5 lbs. Although durable enough to withstand high-impact strikes, this shield has a soft construction perfect for kids' training.
    • Perfect for lighter impact striking
    • The ideal kids training shield
    • Softer canvas mesh exterior
    • Extremely lightweight
    • 16" x 12.5" x 5"
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  • Liberty Premium Foam Kick Shield

    Liberty Premium Foam Kick Shield

    The Liberty Premium Foam Kick Shield is made of a lightweight foam layered interior with vinyl exterior, weighing in at only 4.25 lbs.
  • Advanced impact-absorbing foam interior
  • Durable vinyl exterior
  • Comfortable padded arm handles for holder
  • 24" x 16" x 6"
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  • Kick Shield: Vinyl Curved

    Kick Shield: Vinyl Curved

    • 30" Tall X 15" Wide
    • Constructed of ultra-strong layered foam
    • Durable vinyl covering
    • Gussets installed throughout to allow for pressure release and maximum power absorption
    • Holding straps located on top and back
    • Curved design ideal for kicks, knees, punches, elbows and various linear and curved strikes
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  • Uppercut Shield: Krav Maga Style Striking Target

    Uppercut Shield: Krav Maga Style Striking Target

    • Multi angled striking surface for multiple punch, kick and elbow combinations
    • Two handles on back and one located on each side of the bag.
    • Two arm straps centered on back to secure pad
    • Perfect for self defense and krav maga training
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  • Kick Shield: Muay Thai Suitcase Shield 20.5" x 18.5" x 4"

    Kick Shield: Muay Thai Suitcase Shield 20.5" x 18.5" x 4"

    Our Muay Thai Suitcase Shield is made with high-impact kicks in mind. Especially the round-house kick. Made with heavy-weight foam interior, durable vinyl exterior and thick padded handles.
    • Heavy-weight foam interior
    • Durable vinyl exterior
    • Impact-absorbing construction
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  • Liberty Classic Thai Pads

    Liberty Classic Thai Pads

    The MMA Thai Pad is constructed of 100% full-grain leather and is packed tightly to allow for firm absorption of knees, kicks and elbows.
    • 100% leather
    • Thick, firm construction
    • Triple strap enclose on back
    • Sold as pair
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  • Training Bag: Leather Speed Bag

    Training Bag: Leather Speed Bag


    Bushido’s Leather Speed Bag is an advanced way to train and hone your hand-eye coordination, while strengthening your arms and shoulders as you keep them up. Bushido’s Leather Speed Bag features a leather construction which offers reinforced strength and durability in the boxing and karate studios. When you have reached that advanced level of martial arts and boxing training, seal the deal by training with the Bushido Speed Bag. This will train you to focus on a moving target and teach you to maintain focus, all while building strength and working on your cardio.


    • 100% Leather
    • Great for working on hand-eye coordination 
    • Reinforced Strength 
    • Lace up closure
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