Training Equip.

  1. leather double-end bag

    Training Bag: Leather Double-End Bag


    The Leather Double End Bag is a staple piece in boxing and martial arts training equipment for your home, gym, or karate studio. This leather double end bag will enhance your speed, accuracy, and endurance which will better you as a karate and boxing student. This is an alternative to a speed bag workout with more secure control of the bag for those at a lower level of martial arts and boxing training.

    • Leather Construction
    • More secure control
    • Endurance training
    • Includes cables
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  2. Karate Board: Leather Makiwara Board Small

    Karate Board: Leather Makiwara Board Small


    This traditional makiwara clapper draws attention and intensifies concentration while strengthening the knuckles, elbows and feet. It is made with a solid wood and covered with leather reinforced by rivets.

    • Made for high impact strikes
    • 100% leather cover
    • Reinforced with rivets
    • Designed for toughening the elbows, feet, knuckles, and various other striking areas
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  3. Vinyl Blocker

    Karate Blocker: Vinyl Blocker

    These ultra-light foam blocker pads are a very popular martial arts tool in teaching many forms of karate technique. The Vinyl Blocker will assist you with training karate and martial arts students of all different ages and levels. These blockers will help in teaching how to block, punch, and kick without harm. These are ideal for perfecting your karate strikes and blocks and will help take you to the next level of martial arts. Learn More
  4. Kick Target: Mini Kick Target

    Kick Target: Mini Kick Target


    The unique clamshell design hides an internal plastic clapper. When struck, the clap kicker/ kick target makes a loud rewarding sound, encouraging students to develop their focus and snap while increasing their confidence and performance. Each target is constructed for durability and comes complete and a heavy-duty elastic wrist lanyard.

    • Ideal design for practicing high and low kicks
    • vinyl over high density foam
    • Elastic wristband ensures a strong, firm hold for all kinds of kicks and strikes
    • Specially designed to make it easier for the holder to control
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  5. Training Band: SPRI Braided Xertube Plus

    Training Band: SPRI Braided Xertube Plus

    Designed to compliment the Braided Xertube®, featuring SPRI's patented Braided Tubing Technology, the Braided Xertube® PLUS provides an extra 16 inches of tubing length for maximum training versatility. The longer design makes it your go anywhere, do anything tubing product. It can be wrapped around, under or over any stable surface allowing you to perform any and all types of dynamic resistance movements. Learn More
  6. Puzzle Mat: Puzzle Mat

    Puzzle Mat: Puzzle Mat

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  7. Base Covers

    Wavemaster Base Covers

    Wavemaster Base Covers- Do to the size of this item the shipping cost is a flat rate of $65.00 in the continental US. Any questions please call the store at 949-581-7228 Learn More
  8. Weights: SPRI Weighted Bars

    Weights: SPRI Weighted Bars

    Price From: $39.98
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  9. Kick Shield: Bushido Red Foam Kick Shield 16"x 22"x 6"

    Kick Shield: Bushido Red Foam Kick Shield 16"x 22"x 6"

    • Lightweight
    • Soft foam made to use by any child
    • Perfect for women's self defense classes
    • Great to practice one's control
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  10. Medicine Ball: Liberty Leather Medicine Ball

    Medicine Ball: Liberty Leather Medicine Ball

    Medicine Ball: Liberty Leather Medicine Ball Learn More
  11. Leather Medicine

    Medicine Ball: Leather Medicine Ball

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  12. Liberty Curved Focus mits

    Focus Mitt: Curved Leather Striking Focus Mitt


    Liberty’s Curved Focus Mitts are designed to help you train your focus and concentration for your every strike. These curved mitts are naturally contoured to the hand to help aid in fast action striking without compromising comfort. Liberty’s focus mitts are usually worn two at a time to help provide martial arts and boxing students with combination punch training. The Liberty Curved Focus mitts are available in 4 different colors; Black/Grey, Black/Yellow, Black/Red, Black/Blue. Train like a professional mixed martial artist with Liberty’s curved focus mitts!

    • Extra thick protection
    • Softer edges
    • Naturally curved
    • Comfortable hand compartment
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