1. Mat: Vinyl Trifold Judo Mat 5'X10'
  2. Foldable training mat ideal for throws and fall protection
  3. Durable vinyl shell
  4. Button closure for easy transportation or storage when folded
  5. Impact absorbing foam construction
  6. 5ft X 10ft
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  • Wing Chun Dummy Hand Made

    Wing Chun Dummy Hand Made

    The Wing Chun wooden dummy is the most popular form of wooden dummy. A popular legend says it came about when 108 separate wooden dummies from the Shaolin Temple were combined into one by the nun Ng Mui to make training more efficient and effective. The Wing Chun wooden dummy uses an arm and leg configuration designed to cultivate fighting skill and chi simultaneously.
  • Hand carved
  • One of a kind
  • Features structural frame. Perfect for installation against wall or in corner of training room
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