Training Bag: Heavy Bag (130 lbs)

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Training Bag: Heavy Bag (130 lbs)

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  • Durable Vinyl Outer Shell

  • 74" Long

  • 130 lbs. 

  • Impact absorbing padding


Bushido’s heavy bag weighs in at 130 pounds. This heavy bag provides a bigger target which simulates a more imposing opponent to practice your boxing, karate, or other forms of martial arts on. Punching bags are a necessary martial arts training tool that spans across other forms such as karate, boxing, kung Fu, tae kwon do, ju jitsu, and more. Bushido’s 130 pound heavy bag is durable and will quickly become one of the more used pieces of martial arts equipment in your gym, garage, or karate dojo. Do to the size of this item the shipping cost is a flat rate of $65.00 in the continental US. Any questions please call the store at 949-581-7228