Striking Targets

  1. Karate Board: "Canvas" Makiwara Bag: 34 x 13

    Karate Board: "Canvas" Makiwara Bag: 34 x 13


    This Canvas Makiwara bag is the ideal punching and kicking target used in karate, muay thai, and mixed martial arts training. It is made of a very heavy weighted and durable canvas with a reinforced stitching and brass grommets. Zippered sections allow you to fill the bag with sand. Filler/Sand is not included with bag. A traditional way of practicing your striking techniques and fine tuning your ninja warrior skills with this true to life canvas bag while strengthening your physical tools; Hands, knuckles, and feet.

    • Striking Target
    • 100% Canvas
    • Reinforced Stitching
    • Perfect way to toughen up your hands, knuckles and feet
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