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  1. Mat: Vinyl Trifold Judo Mat

    Mat: Vinyl Trifold Judo Mat

    Mat: Vinyl Trifold Judo Mat Learn More
  2. Stretching Machine: Stretch Flexible Leg Master

    Stretching Machine: Stretch Flexible Leg Master

    Every karate and martial arts students needs to be properly stretched out and warmed up in order to perform every ninja move they desire. The stretch master is an all-inclusive machine that works out the muscles involved in all martial arts and boxing moves. A martial artist’s body is their instrument, make sure yours is tuned and stretched next time you step into the martial arts studio or boxing ring. Learn More
  3. SPRI Weighted Vest

    SPRI Weighted Vest

    Valerie Bertinelli appeared on Oprah and attributed much of her weight loss success to diet and exercise using what she called her “miracle vest” or “walk vest”. The SPRI Weighted Vest can help you lose the unwanted pounds safely and effectively. The SPRI Weighted Vest maximizes your current fitness program by simultaneously strengthening your core muscles, improving spinal bone density, and maximizing your workout with the added weight. Here is what others have to say about the SPRI Weighted Vest. "The Weighted Walk Vest is a Must Have Fitness Product" Women's Health & Fitness Magazine / Shape Magazine "Allegro Medical Presents the Most Innovative Fitness Product" SGMA International - The Super Show "The Weight Vest is the Best Fitness Product of 2005" Muscle and Fitness Magazine The SPRI Weighted Vest maximizes your activities or current fitness program But that's not all, the SPRI Weighted Vest also strengthens your core muscles and improves spinal bone density. In numerous research studies, where a weight vest was used, significant data has been produced to indicate that the weight vest improved spinal bone density. This is great news to 9.4 million women in the US suffering from osteoporosis. For those who have tried it all, they can agree that the SPRI Weighted Vest is the answer. The SPRI Weighted Vest: This 20lb weight adjustable conditioning vest is perfect for adding resistance to your workout. Made of hand washable nylon, with a sweat resistant lining, it adjusts at the shoulders and waist to comfortably fit most adults. Reflective safety strips and twenty 1lb weights are included. Learn More
  4. Medicine Ball: SPRI Medicine Ball

    Medicine Ball: SPRI Medicine Ball

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    The SPRI Xerball® Medicine Ball is a unique and versatile total body training tool that helps develop muscular strength, endurance, power, stability and joint integrity. Color-coded and featuring a new Easy-Grip textured surface, the Xerball’s high rubber content allows for a better bounce while the ultra-thick walls provide added durability. The Xerball is a great tool for everything from general fitness to intense sports training. Xerball is available in weights ranging from 2 - 25lbs. Learn More
  5. Training Kettlebell: Dual Grip Xerball

    Training Kettlebell: Dual Grip Xerball

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