Weights and Fitness

  1. Speed Rope

    Jump Rope: Speed Rope Black

    • High quality, Lightweight ergonomic handles
    • Smooth and quick with every rotation
    • One size fits mosts
    • Ideal rope for double-under and speed jumping
    • Must have rope, perfect for athletes of all levels, including crossfit, boxing, MMA and many others
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  2. Dumbbell: SPRI Dumbbell

    Dumbbell: SPRI Dumbbell

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    Regular Price: $18.95

    Special Price $15.95

    Very durable vinyl coated dumbbells. Sold in pairs only. Color coded and marked on each end for easy weight identification. Learn More
  3. Weights: SPRI Mini Contour Weights

    Weights: SPRI Mini Contour Weights

    Soft, flexible, neoprene covered, 6-inch dumbbell-style tubes conform to your hands providing the perfect grip for upper-body resistance exercises and walking activities. Comfortably secure, stretch elastic hand strap eliminates over-gripping and hand fatigue. Instruction sheet included with each pair. Learn More
  4. Training Band: SPRI Braided Xertube Plus

    Training Band: SPRI Braided Xertube Plus

    Designed to compliment the Braided Xertube®, featuring SPRI's patented Braided Tubing Technology, the Braided Xertube® PLUS provides an extra 16 inches of tubing length for maximum training versatility. The longer design makes it your go anywhere, do anything tubing product. It can be wrapped around, under or over any stable surface allowing you to perform any and all types of dynamic resistance movements. Learn More
  5. Puzzle Mat: Puzzle Mat

    Puzzle Mat: Puzzle Mat

    Puzzle Mat: Puzzle Mat Learn More