1. Tanto: Red Oak 11.5"

    Tanto: Red Oak 11.5"

    • Red Oak
    • Polished
    • 11.5" Overall
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  2. Tanto: White Oak 11.5"

    Tanto: White Oak 11.5"


    <li>White Oak</li>
    <li>11.5" Overall</li>

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  3. Curved Rubber Training Knife

    Curved Rubber Training Knife


    Ideal for practicing knife takeaway techniques, our curved rubber knife is a must-have for any self-defense training. Made from an extremely flexible rubber and painted silver for a realistic touch, your knife combat training will never be the same again!

    • Soft rubber design makes for perfect practice
    • Authentic curved-blade shape adds realism to knife drills
    • Overall Length: 9.5" (approx.)
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  4. Straight Rubber Training Knife

    Straight Rubber Training Knife


    Rubber knives are great for learning self-defense techniques. This rubber knife is approximately 9.5" long and perfect for practicing weapon extractions.

    • Rubber construction
    • Great for practicing self defense against a knife
    • Approximately 9.5"
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  5. Silver Aluminum Training Knife (9.5")
  6. Made of Aluminum
  7. Measures 9.5" Long
  8. Black lace handle
  9. Ideal for knife defense training
  10. Dull blade
  11. SKU: 5508430
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