1. Butterfly Swords
  2. 19" Stainless steel butterfly sword
  3. Leather wrapped handle
  4. Crome plated, unsharpened blades
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  • Pu Dao: Wushu Pu Dao

    Pu Dao: Wushu Pu Dao


    Traditionally handcrafted medium weight steel, chrome plated for easy care. This weapon is essentially a broadsword blade mounted on a half-sized staff, combining the best attribute of sword and staff. It was used to cut out the legs of horses in wartime. Bladed section measures 22" with a wood handle- overall length measures 60" with a combined weight of 2.5 lbs. Makes a wonderful ornament item.

    • Broadsword Blade
    • Handcrafted 
    • Chrome Plated
    • Bladed section measures 22"
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  • Cane: Hickory Instructors Walking Cane
  • Designed with safety in mind
  • Ideal for Instructional environment
  • Rounded horn and tip
  • Three sets of grips below the crook
  • Crook designed to be more open for throws and takedowns
  • Made from Hickory
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