1. Curved Rubber Training Knife

    Curved Rubber Training Knife


    Ideal for practicing knife takeaway techniques, our curved rubber knife is a must-have for any self-defense training. Made from an extremely flexible rubber and painted silver for a realistic touch, your knife combat training will never be the same again!

    • Soft rubber design makes for perfect practice
    • Authentic curved-blade shape adds realism to knife drills
    • Overall Length: 9.5" (approx.)
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  2. Sword Oil

    Sword Oil

    Hanwei Sword Oil is specially formulated to provide corrosion protection for high-carbon steel blades and other edged weapons. Ideal for covering exposed metal guards and wire-wrapped grips, and various scabbard components. Learn More
  3. Straight Rubber Training Knife

    Straight Rubber Training Knife


    Rubber knives are great for learning self-defense techniques. This rubber knife is approximately 9.5" long and perfect for practicing weapon extractions.

    • Rubber construction
    • Great for practicing self defense against a knife
    • Approximately 9.5"
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  4. Nunchaku: Foam Rubber with Cord Black/Red Grip 12"

    Nunchaku: Foam Rubber with Cord Black/Red Grip 12"


    Foam nunchaku that utilize a red and black color combination. Very eye catching, very simple to use version of nunchaku.The safety inherent in this model can't be beat. Practice karate spins, kung fu swings, and tricks safely until you increase your skill level.

    • Round handle style
    • Foam padded protection
    • Red and black color style
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  5. Kubotan with Grip

    Kubotan With Grip


    Our Kubotan with grip is great for everyday carry. The included split ring makes it easy to attach to your keys, and the lightweight, high-grade aluminum will last a lifetime. Four finger groves and a blunt end provide a grip secure enough even for strong impact techniques. Available in several colors to fit your needs.

    • Lightweight aluminum keychain designed for self defense
    • Finger grooves for easier carry and user control
    • Measures 5.75 inches long
    • Weighs two ounces
    • Includes key ring attachment
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