1. Chinese Steel Dragon Fan

    Chinese Steel Dragon Fan

    • Ideal for competition
    • Quick opening action
    • Stainless steel
    • Nylon fabric with dragon design
    • Approx. 1 lb
    • Folded Height: 12.5"
    • Opened Width: 23.5"
    • Opens with popping sound
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  2. Wushu Iron Fan

    Wushu Iron Fan

    • Solid metal outside spokes
    • Lightweight chromed internal spokes
    • Competition ready
    • "Chinese Martial Arts Fan" in Kanji on outside spoke
    • 'Wu' in Kanji printed on the fan
    • Weight: 14 oz
    • Length: 13" closed / 2' Open
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  3. Ryumon RY-3041M Hand Forged Samurai Sword

    Ryumon RY-3041M Hand Forged Samurai Sword

    Hand Forged and Folded AISI 1060 high Carbon steel blade. Made with the true and tested Japanese standards for forging. This battle ready sword is one of Ryumon's quality swords. Live steel and vary sharp edge (ha). True tempering the traditional way using forging clay to keep the ha (edge) very hard and show an authentic hamon. Features: Battle Ready Blade Material: Folded AISI 1060 high Carbon Steel. 45 HRC Shinogi-ji and HRC 58 edge (ha) Tang: FULL with double pegged handle for safety. Iron tsuba and furniture. One piece blade collar (habaki). Handle Material: Hardwood with Authentic Ray Skin wrapped with quality Black Cotton Cord ito. Scabbard Material: High gloss lacquered hardwood scabbard with cotton sageo.Includes:Certificate of Authenticity. Satin Sword Bag. Collectors Hang Tag. Reference Guide. Includes Cleaning Kit. Learn More
  4. Foam Sparring Shoto

    Foam Sparring Shoto

    • Ideal for mock sparring or knife drills
    • foam padding for safe practice
    • foam tsuba (hand guard) to protect hand
    • rubber wrapped handle
    • Foam ball end piece to protect palm


    Length: 13"
    Weight: 4.8 oz
    SKU: 625438 

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  5. Kubotan With Grip

    Kubotan With Grip


    Our Kubotan with grip is great for everyday carry. The included split ring makes it easy to attach to your keys, and the lightweight, high-grade aluminum will last a lifetime. Four finger groves and a blunt end provide a grip secure enough even for strong impact techniques. Available in several colors to fit your needs.

    • Lightweight aluminum keychain designed for self defense
    • Finger grooves for easier carry and user control
    • Measures 5.75 inches long
    • Weighs two ounces
    • Includes key ring attachment
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