Exotic Weapons

  1. Spear: Flexible Wax Wood Single Head Spear

    Spear: Flexible Wax Wood Single Head Spear


    The spear is the king of all weapons. It is one of the most dominant wushu long weapons. The basic techniques of spear play include pricking, thrusting, circling, blocking, pointing, poking, holding and wringing. When practicing, you are advised to hold the spear firmly and flexibly, advance and retreat freely and smoothly, pricking the opponent quickly and directly, with the force on the point of the spear.This is one of the important basic skills in spear play. This is a chrome plated spear attached to wax wood staff. The diameter of wax wood varies. The spear head is approximately 2" in length where the overall length is approximately 80"

    • Flexible wax wood construction
    • Spear head is approximately 2" 
    • Approximately 80" 
    • Wushu Spear
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  2. Spear: Single Head Wooden Spear 80"

    Spear: Single Head Wooden Spear 80"

    • Aluminum spear head
    • Traditional red tassel on neck
    • 80" Overall length
    • Sanded uncoated wood staff
    • Flexible construction
    • Perfect for spear practice & demonstration
    • Lightweight 
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  3. Monk's Spade

    Monk's Spade


    A unique weapon used 2600 years ago in ancient China. The top portion of the weapon measures 13" with heavy weight steel and metal shaft. Decorative steel rings located on both ends of the spade top. Total length of the weapon measures 80". Total overall weight is 14 lbs.

    • Shaolin Spade
    • Top Portion measures 13"
    • Steel and Metal Shaft
    • Great Collectors item
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  4. Pu Dao: Wushu Pu Dao

    Pu Dao: Wushu Pu Dao


    Traditionally handcrafted medium weight steel, chrome plated for easy care. This weapon is essentially a broadsword blade mounted on a half-sized staff, combining the best attribute of sword and staff. It was used to cut out the legs of horses in wartime. Bladed section measures 22" with a wood handle- overall length measures 60" with a combined weight of 2.5 lbs. Makes a wonderful ornament item.

    • Broadsword Blade
    • Handcrafted 
    • Chrome Plated
    • Bladed section measures 22"
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  5. Naginata: Dragon Engraved Naginata

    Naginata: Dragon Engraved Naginata


    Naginata: Dragon Engraved Whether this is for a show piece or to practice, this naginata dragon engraved blade will make you feel like you are in ancient times. This authentic blade will let you keep opponents at a distance, where any advantages in height, weight, and upper body strength would be narrowed. Our naginata dragon engraved blade is 5 ft long with a gold painted dragon on the sheath.

    • Dragon Engraved
    • Authentic Blade
    • 5ft Long
    • Great show piece
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