Exotic Weapons

  1. Wooden Suburito

    Wooden Suburito

    • Samurai practice training sword.
    • Hardwood construction
    • Balanced sword.
    • Perfect for practice and training
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  2. Wooden Shoto with Scabbard

    Wooden Shoto with Scabbard

    Wooden Shoto with Scabbard Learn More
  3. Cane: Oak Street Cane

    Cane: Oak Street Cane

    The shaft is round and sanded to a smooth finish. Complete with a large crook and an angled horn, this cane has been designed for training and the street. Learn More
  4. Wing Chun Butterfly Swords 19"

    Wing Chun Butterfly Swords 19"


    Kung-fu has many distinctive weapons and the butterfly sword is among the most distinctive. With a chrome finish, these steel swords will catch anyone's attention. Which is especially good if you plan on using them for competitions. Each butterfly sword measures 19 inches long overall and weighs 2 lbs. Each sword has black vinyl wrapped handles with chrome finished steel hand guards. Great for display, training or competition. Set includes 2 swords

    • Great for Kung fu and Wing Chun
    • Made of Steel
    • Length 19" each
    • Great for karate, kung fu or wing chun Competitions
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  5. Pu Dao:  9 Ring Wushu Pu Dao

    Pu Dao: 9 Ring Wushu Pu Dao


    Traditionally handcrafted medium weight steel, chrome plated for easy care. This weapon is essentially a broadsword blade mounted on a half-sized staff, combining the best attribute of sword and staff. It was used to cut out the legs of horses in wartime. Bladed section measures 22" with a wood handle- overall length measures 60" with a combined weight of 2.5 lbs. Makes a wonderful ornament item.

    • Broadsword Blade
    • Handcrafted 
    • Chrome Plated
    • Bladed section measures 22"
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