Misc. Weapons

  1. Cane: Striped Wood Walking and Training Cane

    Cane: Striped Wood Walking and Training Cane

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  2. Training Gun

    Training Gun

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  3. 3 Section Staff: Rattan

    3 Section Staff: Rattan


    Originating from China, the three-section staff is a flail weapon historically made of white oak or Chinese red maple. The three-section staff was used in combat as an extension of one's arm to strike, flail, block, choke, disarm, whip, and entangle an enemy or an enemy's weapon. The three-section staff is one of the more complex close-combat weapons, it requires skill and a great deal of patience to control properly.


    • 100% rattan construction
    • Each section measures 26" in length
    • Sections held together by metal rings and ball bearing swivels
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  4. Wing Chun Butterfly Swords 19"

    Wing Chun Butterfly Swords 19"


    Kung-fu has many distinctive weapons and the butterfly sword is among the most distinctive. With a chrome finish, these steel swords will catch anyone's attention. Which is especially good if you plan on using them for competitions. Each butterfly sword measures 19 inches long overall and weighs 2 lbs. Each sword has black vinyl wrapped handles with chrome finished steel hand guards. Great for display, training or competition. Set includes 2 swords

    • Great for Kung fu and Wing Chun
    • Made of Steel
    • Length 19" each
    • Great for karate, kung fu or wing chun Competitions
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  5. Naginata: Dragon Engraved Naginata

    Naginata: Dragon Engraved Naginata


    Naginata: Dragon Engraved Whether this is for a show piece or to practice, this naginata dragon engraved blade will make you feel like you are ancient times. This authentic blade will let you keep opponents at a distance, where any advantages in height, weight, and upper body strength would be narrowed. Our naginata dragon engraved blade is 5 ft long with a gold painted dragon on the sheath.

    • Dragon Engraved
    • Authentic Blade
    • 5ft Long
    • Great show piece
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