1. Sai: Rubber Training Sai 19.5"

    Sai: Rubber Training Sai 19.5"

    Foam Rubber practice sai are for training purposes. These foam sai are constructed of flexible rubber and are perfect for practicing your training techniques while reducing the chance of injury.
    • True-to-size sai
    • Rubber and foam construction
    • 19.5" Length
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  2. Sai: Aluminum

    Sai: Aluminum


    Approximately 1/3 the weight of our steel octagon sai, which makes these aluminum sai perfect for anyone just starting to use sai. The durable metallic finish prevents chipping with leather style wrapped handles. All sai are sold in pairs.

    • 1/3 the weight of steel octagon sai
    • Made of Aluminum
    • Leather style wrapped
    • Sold in pairs
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  3. Steel Sai: Chrome

    Steel Sai: Chrome


    Our chrome sai come in your choice of octagon or round and are made from the finest steel. The sizes that we offer 21.5", 19.5", 18". For better grip while handling this weapon the handle is wrapped in vinyl.

    • Leather style wrapped handle
    • Each sai weighs approximately 1.4lbs.
    • Sold as pair
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  4. Sai Case

    Sai Case

    • Durable black vinyl outer and soft red fabric inner
    • Full zipper closure
    • Fits all available sizes of Sai
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  5. Sai Display: Black Kobudo Tabletop Stand

    Sai Display: Black Kobudo Tabletop Stand

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