• Black Bo Staff Red Oak

    Black Bo Staff Red Oak

    Price From: $19.99

    The Black Bo Staff features a complete red oak construction with 1.25" diameter.  A heavier option to the rattan or bamboo staffs, the Black red oak staff may be used for invidual or partner practice.

    • 1.25" Diameter
    • Black laquer coat
    • Red Oak
    • 50,60,70" Lengths
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  • Bo Staff Case: Hard Bo Competition Carrying Case
  • Durable hardshell incasing
  • Convenient carry strap for transport
  • Available in 62" & 74"
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  • Bo Staff: Hanbo Short Staff

    Bo Staff: Hanbo Short Staff

    Price From: $14.99
    The hanbō (半棒, lit. "half-staff") is a staff used in martial arts. Traditionally, the hanbō was approximately three shaku or about 90 centimetres (35 in) long, half the length of the usual staff, the rokushakubō ("six shaku staff"). Diameter was 2.4 to 3 centimetres (0.94 to 1.18 in). However, depending on the school the length and diameter varied. As with any weapon, bearers would often find one best suited to their build, opting often for one that comes up to about waist/hip height. Learn More
  • Bo Staff: Burnt Rattan

    Bo Staff: Burnt Rattan

    Price From: $19.99

    The Burnt Rattan Bo is a long martial arts staff weapon. Bos typically average 6 feet in length and are constructed with a Rattan. The Bo uses thrusting, striking, and swinging techniques and many martial artist use a variety of blocks, strikes, sweeps, and entrapments.

    • Rattan wood construction
    • Tiger burn patterns
    • 1.25" Diameter
    • Available in 50" , 60" , and 72"
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