1. Bokken: Black with White Carved Dragon

    Bokken: Black with White Carved Dragon

    • Solid wood bokken
    • 37" Long
    • Handle is wrapped in traditional manner 
    • Black finish with hand carved dragon on the blade
    • Plastic guard with rubber stopper
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  2. Bokken: White Oak with Scabbard 40"

    Bokken: White Oak with Scabbard 40"

    • Traditional handle provides comfortable grip and an authentic look
    • Rich color that really catches the eye
    • Great for display and training
    • Measures approximately 40" long
    • White oak
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  3. Bokken: Natural Wood & Rope Handle w/Scabbard

    Bokken: Natural Wood & Rope Handle w/Scabbard

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  4. Wooden Suburito

    Wooden Suburito

    • Samurai practice training sword.
    • Hardwood construction
    • Balanced sword.
    • Perfect for practice and training
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  5. Kendo Shinai

    Kendo Shinai

    Price From: $36.99
    • Durable bamboo construction
    • Leather style covered handle
    • Includes 2 piece handguard
    • Great for practicing kendo
    • Number refers to the length of the blade or striking area of the Shinai
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  6. Shinai Case

    Shinai Case

  7. Holds a single Kendo Shinai or sword up 48" in length
  8. Black vinyl exterior with soft cloth interior
  9. Adjustable shoulder strap
  10. 49" x 5.75"
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  • Bokken: Foam Rubber 40"

    Bokken: Foam Rubber 40"


    The Foam Rubber bokken is designed for light parter sword/kendo practice.  Featuring a wooden core with 1/4" rubber outer coating to prevent sword damage.  Includes a plastic tsuba and foam handle for superior grip.

    • Rubber blade coating
    • Wooden Core
    • Foam handle
    • Plastic tsuba hand guard
    • 40" Long
    • Intended for light contact/practice
    • Plastic sword tip
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  • Bokken: Foam 2 Piece Black

    Bokken: Foam 2 Piece Black


    These padded training bokken make a great addition for any martial artist, whether you train at a professional dojo or at home. You can practice katas or square off against another martial artist with these safe practice bokken. This is the perfect bokken to use while sharpening your kendo skills and getting ready for your next martial arts demonstration. They are safe and make a great training aid.

    • Foam Bokken
    • Overall Length 35.5”
    • Two (2) Padded Bokken Included
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  • Case: Black Broadsword Case with Kanji
  • Tough black canvas exterior & soft plush interior
  • Fits most sizes of broadsword
  • Approx 40" in length
  • The kanji reads Shaolin Chuan Fa, which translates as "Shaolin Way of the Fist". The word Shaolin is derived from the martial art that comes directly from the Shaolin Temple is Deng Feng, China. Shaolin loosely translates as "Little Pine Tree Forest"
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  • Broadsword: Wushu

    Broadsword: Wushu

    Our Wushu Broadsword features an ultra-flexible blade and lightweight construction. The thin design of the wushu broadsword not only makes it ideal for quick movements, but also provides a snapping sound when thrusted forward. An ideal blade for competitors and Chinese Martial Art enthusiasts alike.
  • Ultra-flexible aluminum blade
  • Aluminum fittings
  • Size choice refers to blade length - handle is approx. 6"
  • Brown wooden scabbard with gold painted detail
  • 1.95 lbs. with scabbard & 1 lb without
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  • Broadsword: Wooden Kung Fu Broadsword

    Broadsword: Wooden Kung Fu Broadsword


    Also referred to as a Dao, this wooden broadsword replica is great for use as a prop or for martial arts training. Crafted in hardwood lacquer finish. Well-balanced sword. Ideal for practice.

    • Dao wooden broadsword
    • Ideal for practice
    • Hardwood construction
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  • Broadsword: Plastic Kung Fu Training Broadsword 34"

    Broadsword: Plastic Kung Fu Training Broadsword 34"

  • Constructed of a durable impact-absorbing plastic
  • Weighted for individual or combat training
  • Detailed design
  • Weighs approximately 2 lbs.
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