1. Tonfa: Black Tonfa with Dragon Design 20"

    Tonfa: Black Tonfa with Dragon Design 20"

    • 20" Overall length
    • Pair of 2
    • Durable wooden tonfa with Black gloss finish and dragon printed design
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  2. Rubber Foam Tonfa 20 in.

    Rubber Foam Tonfa 20 in.

    • Durable black plastic covered in 1/4" of foam padding
    • Overall length is 20" long
    • Foam padding provides a secure grip
    • Covered in 1/4" of safety foam, go all-out and train in confidence with this tonfa.
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  3. Tonfa: Ash Wood Natural

    Tonfa: Ash Wood Natural


    This straight grained hardwood ash tonfa offers unprecedented stiffness and strength. Made with a contoured handle that gives for a more secure grip and easier spinning. Extremely well balanced and weighted Tonfa that offers great control in practice and combat.

    • Straight grain hardwood ash 
    • Unprecedented strength and stiffness
    • Contoured handle gives a more powerful grip and an easier spin
    • Great weight and balance
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  4. Tonfa: Natural Wood

    Tonfa: Natural Wood


    The Natural Square Tonfa has been beautifully crafted from red oak.The tonfa features capped handles to prevent slipping while providing better control. This traditionally styled tonfa is durable enough to be used for daily sparring exercises and will make a perfect gift for any collector.

    • Red oak hardwood construction
    • Traditional style tonfa
    • Durable enough for sparring exercises
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