Founded in 92 in Southern California,  Bushido is a purveyor of utility and combat equipment for the martial arts and sports community.  Our mission is simple -  to outfit the modern warrior.  At Bushido, we are driven by the art of simplicity and an authentic pursuit of our craft. 

Bushido, a term first used in Japan to describe the Samurai’s code of honor, translates to “the way of warriors.”  The word Bushido has been widely circulated in the Martial Arts community and beyond, but what does it really mean?  To us, the core of Bushido is in maintaining a commitment to your values. In an age where most are reactive to the world around them, being a warrior is about responding to your environment based on a code of honor.  So, what is Bushido?
Be righteous, and hold yourself to a system of justice and responsibility.  Be courageous, and put others before yourself, even if it means losing everything.  Be compassionate, and seek to understand others, from all walks of life and beliefs.  Respect yourself, and respect those who can do nothing for you.  Do not step on the weak. Be honest with your word and do what you say you will do.  Have honor, and live by it.  Be loyal to those you have committed to, be it friends, family or colleagues.  Control yourself - mentally, emotionally and physically.  
You live in a time where most walk through life thinking, “Why me?” Most worry more about what they look like and what is happening around them, than the mindset they have within.  Rather than the victim, be the Warrior. This is not a fleeting symbol of ‘toughness’, but a code of honor; a badge you wear within, to embrace pain and overcome obstacles. Be the Warrior.  Conquer Within. That is Bushido.
義 gi / 勇 yū / 仁 jin / 礼 rei / 誠 makoto / 名誉 meiyo / 忠義 chūgi / 自制 jisei 
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